Princess Life Is (Not) So Princessy

a form of an urgent necessitation of mind-squealing

i do think this so-called-poem was dedicated to a boy (but i decided to keep it a secret)

Love me you should, never do not

I shall know what love is, either robotically or being taught

I might know what love is, like getting my heart shot

I kinda know what love is, feels like dancing in foxtrot

I possibly know what love is, smells like muffin and a teapot

I think I know what love is, looks like repetition in an anecdote

I surely know what love is, a top-rated-playlist in an iPod

I do I do know what love is, a weed in a pot, another word with pot

Definitely I know what love is, losing you, I rather not

the boy with the red nose

And so he sings

With a smile on his face, grinning

To the old music, nicely eluding

With his old little fella, he is trying

Waiting for time, he’s forgetting

“hey, nothing’s gonna change. I’m here”
.…he said as he pointed at my heart

Chic Eats - Potato Head

Jakarta, December 09

One day of December, we sit like kitty

Take pleasure in the hectic Jakarta city

We laugh we smile, we kissed, oh so witty

In this place, we ordered drink, the summer ice tea

The food was great and so the poulet, so crusty

The place is amusing! And the people are arty

So then we left, our stomach? Oh so hefty


Painted seashore as the sunset glows

Ice cream melts down by the river flows

And  while ABBA sings about cities, lots of Glasgows

I fight my back for this feeling, oh God let him knows

dear, mr. peculiar-guy, i’m devoted to you

lets just go

Bring me out far or above

Where the lights are far and what’s near is star
Oh, just bring me away
Doesn’t matter where as long as you stay

Right beside me, all the time with ray

“I like being blonde, with people’s low expectation it’s easy to impress people”
overheard in a talkshow, Pamela Anderson
it’s the light, in the end of a tunnel

it’s the light, in the end of a tunnel

i have friends in holy spaces

i have friends, you know, in holy spaces

no, not the spaces with comets and constellation! (it would be nice, but no, i dont)

i have friends! almighty friends, imaginary friends, friends! in holy spaces

spaces, you see, private spaces, personal area

friends in spaces! the interwebs, internet and webs

i have friends, maybe not real but it’s enough

i just want to babble and murmurs and yell and scream!

and people say it’s not good to annoys people with my thought

"your thought, could be poison for other people", elderly might say

and here i am!

this is where my thoughts would go, well, maybe

i rest my mind with the height-o-day

i rest my mind with the height-o-day

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